King Size Bed Dimensions

King Size Bed Dimensions

There are a few different varieties of king size beds. The two most common are the standard king size bed, which is also known as an Eastern king size bed. There is a difference in the king size bed dimensions of these two beds. There is also a California king size bed. The standard king size bed is wider, but shorter than the California king size bed. The California king size bed is more narrow, but longer than the Eastern king, or standard king, size bed. There are also very many different custom size king beds that are generally larger than 72″ inches wide or 80″ inches long. There are even round beds that have incredibly large mattress sizes. While it doesn’t seem like the size difference is that big, once you lay on the different sized mattresses you can certainly feel it. If you and your partner are a bit shorter, I would recommend the standard king size bed for the extra width. If one of the people sleeping in the bed is taller, I would recommend the California king size bed. The extra length does help and the loss in width isn’t too great. Both bed sizes have size specific sheets & comforters and you need to make sure that the correct size is purchased for your bed. We also have a mattress sizes chart that should help you visualize the difference between the two available sizes. Take a look at these bed support platforms similar to Ikea bed slats that help provide extra support to your mattress.

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Standard King Size Bed Dimensions

76″ Inches Wide x 80″ Inches Long

California King Size Bed Dimensions

72″ Inches Wide x 84″ Inches Long

These are the standard sizes for the california king size bed and the standard (Eastern king size bed). You may come across very slight differences, but this is generally the industry standard. Be sure to pay extra attention when buying king size bed frames or king size bed slats to ensure you’re getting the correct width for the mattress rails your bed is using.